Tenant Responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities are extremely important and you should make sure that you are aware of them.

All Prospect tenants sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement which is a legal contract between you and Prospect, setting out all your rights and responsibilities and our conditions as your landlord.

The following summary should help you remember your responsibilities as detailed within your Tenancy Agreement.


You must pay your rent monthly in advance on the 1st of every month.

Respect for others

Tenants, household members and visitors must not behave in an anti-social manner, cause distress to neighbours or make unreasonable or excessive noise.

Changes to the household

You require permission, but can:

  • Take in a lodger.
  • Sublet, assign, exchange your tenancy.

You need to keep us informed as to who is living in your house.  Our leaflet Housing Scotland Act 2014 Changes to your Tenancy explains more.

Use of house and common parts

  • You must live in the house and it must be your sole or principal home.
  • You and others who live with you must take care to avoid damage to the house and surrounding areas.
  • You must keep the house and private garden clean and tidy.
  • You must keep the house heated and well ventilated.
  • You must ask permission to keep pets.
  • You must not use the house for illegal purposes.

Repairs - your responsibilities

  • You are responsible for any damage caused in the property by you or other members of the household, or visitors.
  • Changing light bulbs / fluorescent tube /starter/bulbs in splashproof lights.
  • Replacing toilet seats.
  • Blocked baths, showers, sinks and toilets.
  • Supplying and fitting plugs & chains to bath, wash hand basin, kitchen sink.
  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Cost of replacing lost or broken keys.
  • Dealing with pests, ie mice, ants, wasps, bees etc.
  • Keeping your bin chute tidy.
  • Maintaining your garden.
  • You must report all repairs as soon as reasonably possible.
  • You must allow access to carry out repairs or planned work.
  • You must ask permission to carry out certain works, alterations or improvements.
  • Disposal of large items e.g. household furniture & flooring – contact City of Edinburgh Council, Environmental Services Department on 0131 529 3030 to arrange a special uplift.
  • Reporting problems with the stair lighting – from 1 July 2016, City of Edinburgh Council, Stair Lighting Department will no longer maintain the stair lighting so contact us if there is an issue.

Ending your tenancy

  • You must give 28 days notice in writing.
  • You must leave the property in a good, clean condition.

Right to succession

If something happens to the tenant the property can be inherited by your spouse, co-habitee, carer or other member of your household, if they have been living there.

You need to keep us informed as to who is living in your house.  Our leaflet Housing Scotland Act 2014 Changes to your Tenancy explains more.

Right to consultation

You have the right to be consulted and kept informed before we make changes that will affect you, including terms and condutions, policy changes and personal data.

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