Window Replacement Update

New windows being fitted march 2024 (1) detail

The 2024-25 programme for replacing windows, doors and patio doors will include 149 properties in Morvenside and Westburn Middlefield. We have appointed Sidey Solutions Ltd who have already completed some properties in Westburn. The remainder of the properties in Westburn will be completed during 2025-26. Feedback from tenants who have had windows replaced has been very positiveon both the installation teams and the new windows. Sidey are replacing the timber windows and doors with new PVC double glazed A-rated windows and patio doors that are some of the most energy efficient available today.

 If you live in Morvenside or Westburn Middlefield we will contact you from April onwards to let you know about the 2024-25 programme. Sidey will then contact you directly to arrange dates for the surveyor to come out and measure your windows. The windows will then be manufactured and Sidey will arrange installation dates with you. For more information please call 0131 458 5480.

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