Rent Consultation 2024-25

Rent consulation 24 25 graphic detail

We are asking for Prospect tenants’ views on this proposal. Last year we consulted on a proposal to link the rent increase to the inflation rate with a cap of 4% each year until 2025. However, until October 2023, inflation had been higher than 6% since February 2022, and this means that costs have been increasing at higher rate than the income we are receiving from rents. This is having a significant impact on our ability to invest in all the properties now and in the future.

We need to make sure that Prospect continues to have a strong financial footing to make sure we can navigate economic ups and downs. Therefore, we are asking for thoughts on an increase of up to 6% this year. If we can keep it lower than 6%, we will do.

Find out more here about this proposal, including how Prospect rents compare with other local landlords and how the rent money is spent.

Complete the survey or contact Catherine Louch, Housing Manager on 0131 272 5014 or email

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